Professional Bio

Carline Bejin, Founder and Creator of Beautiful Authentic Life is a Mom first, Free-Spirited Self-Love and Liberation Coach, Domestic Violence Survivor & Advocate, Speaker, Project Manager, Philanthropist and Writer. She has been featured in media outlets like, Huffington Post, Your Tango and more.


Her mission is to empower women to Emerge, Evolve and Exhale by embracing who they truly are and pursuing their passion unapologetically.  She believes that every woman deserves to feel liberated and live the life of her dreams.


After being inspired by her own unexpected adventures and challenges of surviving a stroke and leaving an abusive relationship, she realized her journey was indeed her life purpose.


Carline founded Beautiful Authentic Life to help women find their voice and choose the life they want to live. Carline can help you in the areas of self reinvention, self-love, reconnecting with the self, dealing with change and adversity and more.  This is done by providing workshops, retreats and group/individual coaching with a focus of coming up with long term strategies that will allow you to continually be authentic and show up to live your best life.