Know your Value and Embrace it!

“Life is a decision. At any point in your life, you can decide to act one way in spite feelings urging you to go in the other direction. When you believe in a dream, you need to risk. You could wind up waiting forever if you wait until everything looks easy.”  ~ Henriette Ann Klauser

When we are subject to environments where harsh criticism is the norm, we start to forget our value. Sometimes we look at our circumstances and wonder why we have had certain experiences. It is those experiences good and bad that mold us into what we become. It is the point where we must exhale and come up for air. I say this because I realize that a key to following your dream whatever it may be is being comfortable in your own skin and having the courage to be yourself and embrace who you are.

Moving forward requires taking hold of your passion and putting action to it.  Once the intention is made, no outside force can stop you. Sometimes we must to break through the criticism and experiences to uncover our true selves. We must allow ourselves to exhale in order to embrace our uniqueness. Embracing our uniqueness will create an environment for us to emerge and exhale.

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